Screaming Lord Sutch

Screaming Lord Sutch Hats

Screaming Lord Sutch (10 November 1940– 16 June 1999), the 3rd Earl of Harrow who had his name legally changed from David Edward Sutch,[3] had a long relationship with Llanwrtyd Wells. William Hill, who were the sponsors for many years of Man v Horse, hired Screaming Lord Sutch to attend the event for many years and award the prizes.  Becoming very fond of the Neuadd he declared the hotel the Official Monster Raving Loony Party Headquarters, which it still is today. Around the hotel there is memorabilia connected to Lord Sutch including a plaque, two hats and various photographs. He was a remarkable and somewhat eccentric figure in British social history fighting more elections that any other politician. He stood for election 39 times and lost his deposit in all of them. He was also a rock star and had a hit with his song ‘Jack the Ripper’. He did play with some famous musicians and often would get up on the stage at the Neuadd in the evening after the race and jam with the band.