The Neuadd Arms Hotel

The smallest town in Britain, Llanwrtyd Wells

Heart of Wales LogoThe concept of the Heart of Wales Brewery came into being shortly after moving into the Neuadd Arms Hotel, as we realised how much the locals' appreciated good real ales. An initial brew was produced in 2004 using local spring water through a friend's brewery, especially for the Mid Wales Beer Festival held in the town each November. "Blaen Gwennol" (the name of the spring) was so well received that we felt there was definitely the potential to build on this success.

Head Brewer (and salesman, bottler, cleaner and chief taster) Lindsay Ketteringham has been ably assisted and supported by his wife Catherine in bringing this dream to a reality.

The Statistics

Capable of producing 1728 pints at a time and of brewing twice a week, Heart of Wales Brewery has the ability to satisfy a lot of thirsts!

The Ales

Aur Cymru Pump ClipWe produce a standard range of seven ales to suit all tastes, with various "specials" brewed to celebrate the town's mad events throughout the year.

At the lower end of the strength scale there is Aur Cymru, (pronounced Ire Cumrie), a clear, bright golden ale with a clean refreshing taste. An initial bitterness gives way to a sweeter, floral body as the Cascade hops burst through and citrus notes linger to the finish.

Then there is our 'standard', the Heart of Wales Bitter at 4.1% abv. A light chestnut bitter in the Northern style, it has a fine smooth balance between malt and hop. Eminently moreish it has the ability to satisfy your thirst whilst leaving you wanting more!

Next at 4.4% abv comes our Welsh Black, a fine, particularly dry stout, full of liquorice flavour. CAMRA have voted it the Champion Stout of Wales for the last three years running!

Inn Stable Pump ClipThen there is Noble Eden Ale (don't say it too quickly!) at 4.6% abv, a dark brown premium ale bursting with fruit and malt, with just a hint of chocolate to tickle the tastebuds. A full bodied, flavoursome, satisfying pint.

The final addition to our line-up was aimed to please those who look for an ale "with a bit of a kick". At 6.8% abv it requires a little respect, particularly with its deceptive smoothness and easy quaffability. With a tip of the hat to our brewery's origins, we have christened it Inn Stable.

Where to get some

Of course, the best place to sample our ales from the cask is 'at source', in the Neuadd Arms Hotel, and in the interests of road safety we recommend you book a room so that you can avoid driving afterwards.

We also distribute our casks through wholesalers in Somerset and Manchester, so they are available over wide areas of the country. Look out for them in a pub near you, or ask your 'local' to contact us for distribution details.

We have recently started bottling some of our output so that the ales can also be enjoyed at home. Currently these are only available for sale through the Neuadd Arms, but wider distribution channels are planned for the future.

Heart of Wales Brewery
Stables Yard, Zion Street
Llanwrtyd Wells