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Lt. Col. The Lord Crawshaw of Aintree O.B.E, T.D., D.L, was a great friend of and fellow walker with Llanwrtyd Wells Walking Club. Dick Crawshaw was a past President of the Long Distance Walking Association and established a world non-stop walking record of of 255.8 miles in 1972. On the day we offer 12 and 20 mile self-guided walks in winter conditions.

Two walkers and dog in the snow above Abergwesyn Valley

Unlike Bog Snorkelling, almost everyone has skimmed a stone at some stage of their life. “Ducks & Drakes” (for the British), “Ricochets” (for the French) & “Letting the Frogs out” (for the Ukrainians) are just a few of the names for the game played in almost every country in the world. But it is now more than just a game: This simple pastime has developed into two distinct branches of a competitive sport. Llanwrtyd Wells has held the Welsh Open Stone Skimming Championships for a number of years, and the current world record was set at our Abernant Lake.

Stone Skimming World Champion throwing a stone from a boardwalk

This race is famous throughout the UK and beyond. The race pits runners against horse riders over a taxing trail route in the Cambrian Mountains. The race is extremely popular and usually sells out within hours of the entries being open.

Man V Horse illustration

The Drovers Walk follows in the footsteps of the old Drovers who used to transport cattle, sheep and geese across the Cambrian Mountains to English markets. There are 20 and 12 mile self-guided routes.

Drovers Walkers at Spite Inn near Tirabad

Llanwrtyd is famous for bog snorkelling. The weekend begins on the Saturday with the Bogathlon event involving running, cycling and bogsnorkelling. The World Bogsnorkelling Championships on the Sunday have been held for over 35 years and regularly attracts competitors from around the world. Lonely Planet described the event as one of the the top 50 ‘must do’ things from around the world. Last year 150 competitors took the plunge in the bog.

Woman wearing flower headdress bog snorkelling

This ultra trail race is 30 miles in length through some of the most spectacular landscapes. The race goes through the Abergwesyn Valley and up the iconic road The Devil’s Staircase. From the staircase the route goes to the most remote chapel in Wales at Soar y Mynydd and then on to the Lynn Brianne dam.

Runner crossing a stream in the Devil's Staircase Ultra Trail Race

In memory of our good friend Ron Skilton, who was instrumental in setting up Green Events many years ago, this mainly off-road marked and marshalled trail race takes a route into the mountains, so this competitive race is challenging, but great fun

The Real Ale Wobble is a non-competitive cycling event marking the beginning of the 10-day Mid Wales Beer Festival, where free real ale is provided at the checkpoints. The long route is 28 miles and the shorter route is 12 miles. The ride starts at 10am.

Real Ale Wobble close up of Beer and Bikes

The Ramble is also part of the of the Mid-Wales Beer Festival. There are 20 and 12 mile marked walks on both the Saturday and Sunday, once again with free real ale at the checkpoints.

Real Ale Ramble Walkers at coffee and beer Pit Stop

Mari Lwyd: December 31, 2024

The traditional Welsh custom of Mari Lwyd takes place every year from the Neuadd Arms hotel on New Year’s Eve. With lighted torches the crowd follows the Mari Lwyd to stop at hostelries on the perimeter of the town, and then to return to the square for samba drumming to enter in the New Year.  the  The Guardian claimed that after Cardiff Llanwrtyd Wells was the best place in Wales to spend New Year’s Eve. 

Man dressed as Mari Lwyd on New Year's Eve at Llanwrtyd Wells